Sticks and Stone Can Break Your Bones but Words Can Break Your Heart

As excited as I was on Thursday about the Coachella line up, a friend from long ago took the opportunity to point out that he thought the line up was weak.


I’ve only wanted to go to this festival for, oh, I don’t know…14 years.  And the one year the stars actually align and I can make it, I get a greeting from Negative Nancy.

All of this make me wonder, why is this someone I am staying in contact with?  What I am getting, and giving, out of this continued contact?

The answer is nothing.

what an interesting concept

what an interesting concept

Maybe he’s right and the line up IS weak.  Maybe he’s bummed he’s not going.  Maybe he didn’t mean to suck the join out of my trip but that is exactly what he did.

Whatever the reason, I think it might be time to file this guy in the “someone I used to know”category.

I can feel like shit all on my own…I don’t need someone else bringing me down too.


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