Are we having Fun yet?

So, Christmas is over. I drove over 1700 miles in 8 days; arrived at home to find my mother back in the hospital; the first Christmas spent in said hospital (and hopefully the last); my father having a Christmas gathering the day after I arrive so his girlfriend can feel welcomed (she arrived late, did nothing to help, and didn’t bring so much as a card for anyone in my family) – translates into me showing up three hours early to get his house ready as he can’t and won’t do it himself; leading to an ear infection and a case of laryngitis for yours truly, which provided a truly Silent Night; getting lost on the way to East 34th Street in Baltimore to see the lights after our Friends dinner Monday; my BFF’s 8 year old telling everyone that “She’s (meaning me) like Katy Perry with blonde hair”….(DON’T I WISH); and I didn’t set foot into any mall anywhere, all Christmas season.

It’s over.

And we all survived.


And that is a gift in and of itself.


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