Angry, Party of One…your table is ready.

Tonight I raced out of the office and hauled my considerable buns (yes, on foot!) to the gym for a 5:45 Zumba class.  Which I called to verify earlier in the day because, you know, the LA Fitness website is rarely correct.angry

When I left the gym at 6:10 I was unZumba’d and super pissed.  Teacher was a no show.  I get it, traffic here sucks and he/she got stuck in it tonight.  But no backup plan?  No one else that worked there could have stepped in and offered ANY SORT of organized class in place of the one that wasn’t going to happen?  Talk about demotivating.

I am just glad I walked to the gym, otherwise I would have gotten zero exercise in today.

Needless to say, I found the email for Corporate LA Fitness when I got home and I fired off a missive about how this is becoming a standard of practice for their facilities here.  And how it is unacceptable.

I am sure nothing will be done about it.

So to that end, if you know of another gym with multiple locations here in Atlanta, please let me know.  (The Y isn’t geographically feasible or I’d consider them for sure.)  Thanks.


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