Sounds like life to me……..

So, I finally made it back to the gym tonight for a class.  It’s been so long, I can’t remember the last time I was at the gym period.

Actually, I can.  It was the day I showed up for a class that they weren’t holding.  Which irritates the living shit out of me.  So, I made sure to call today to verify the class I was planning to attend was ACTUALLY going to be held.

I got through it ok.  It was kickboxing, which I like, so, I do what I can to get to there.

Since the last post, a host of things have happened.

A mother who didn’t get through a routine surgery as easily as we had hoped.

Five weeks in a row of travel for work.

And frankly, when I’ve been home, I’ve been so wiped out that the gym is the last place I wanted to go.

Hell, I am about to erase my DVR shows because at this point in the season of TV, I’ve watched NOTHING and the effort to catch up just seems too much to bother with.

All of which translates into my title of this post…Sounds like life to me.

I have to find some sort of balance.  I hated being back in Maryland from 2010 – 2012 but at least I was able to get into some sort of routine with the gym while there.Image

And so, I am back on the wagon…or the ellipitcal….or whatever.

The scary part is going to be getting back on the scale Thursday.


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