“How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes..” or Why I did I EVER think this looked good!?

You think you look OK in an outfit…and then you see a video that you are in and any fleeting hope that you don’t look like a whale goes right out the window.  Good times.

Been a helluva week; haven’t had time to hit grocery; or gym.  So, for both reasons, I am dining on a vegetable plate for dinner this evening.

Moving on.

A great night for an amazing show....Mumford 9-10-13

A great night for an amazing show….Mumford 9-10-13

Upshot of the Week:  I did, however, get to see the AMAZING Mumford & Sons last night on what turned out to be a fantastic outing.  It cooled off when the Sun went down, I ran into a bunch of friends throughout the show, and as always, the band sounded amazing.   I am just always so awed by these oh so talented men.    Sadly, I didn’t get a video of their very touching rendition of Georgia on My Mind…but here is I Will Wait.  (Note – it’s my filming skills that suck, not the band!).  We as a City, and me as a huge fan, were so lucky be a part of this tour.

Now, if they could just work a little Free Bird into the set….


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